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VRoy's Grief & Loss Counselling Services

Vivian Roy’s Grief and Loss Counselling Services offers a safe space to heal. Indigenous knowledge and spiritual wellness are part of cultural competency in Vivian’s counselling services.

Virtual or in-person

Although there are identifiable stages of grief and loss, these stages are not linear or predictable. Every session with Vivian Roy is treated as important as the last. With Virtual services offered, counselling can be coordinated in-person or online directly.

One-on-One Counselling

In times of personal struggle we often feel uncomfortable talking to the people in our lives. When we’re feeling overwhelmed we may not want to overwhelm someone else. These are the best times to talk to a professional in confidence.

Group Counselling

There are many methods and types of counselling for grief and loss. Group counselling can offer members of the group a place of support and collectiveness. A trusted counsellor like Vivian can provide guidelines and help build productive conversations for members to work collaboratively though common issues. 


When a loved one passes on or when we suffer the loss of something very special and profound to us, our emotions can take us on a whirlwind of grieving processes. A Grief and Loss Counsellor is a professional who can help you guide and manage your bereavement process.

Grief and Loss comes with pain and emotions. When we avoid grieving neither the pain nor the emotions leave our body. Instead it can manifest into physical, and other health ailments. Moreover, it can spill over into relationship issues and further complicate our lives.

No. Grief and loss can come in many forms and at different times in our lives. When we experience deep loss grief will follow. It can be loss from a death, or from a broken relationship, or even the loss of a career path can cause deep grief. 

Each circumstance is unique to each individual. How long counselling takes usually depends on the commitment to healing.

Yes. Vivian Roy’s grief and counselling service includes one-on-one counselling, group counselling, and online or virtual.

Simply contact Vivian Roy from this website and she will offer you a free consultation to get you started.

Healing Your Grief in an Open and Non-judgemental Space.

The experience of loss is as unique as the relationship to a loved one who has passed. Vivian’s grief services offers a safe space where communication and compassion are part of the healing plan.

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